Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Lots of things to share! First...

ATTENTION! We're going to run an after-Memorial-Day Cross Covenant merch sale! $15 T-shirts are now just $10, $12 T-shirts are now just $8, all Hoodies are $18, Water Bottles are $3 and CD's are $7. We're only going to run this sale through Saturday at midnight and supplies are limited. Let us know ASAP if you want anything! Just go to our fb page to check out what we have!

NEXT : I (Josh) will be recording vocals on the "Last Son" song Friday afternoon with Kevin Smith at Sis Plus One studios and we have some awesome stuff to add to that track which will make it interesting. 

Also, we have been fine tooling three new tracks Learning To Fight,  Devil In A Bottle, and New Frontier and we can't wait for all of you to hear the new stuff. God has really placed some amazing songs on our hearts to challenge and encourage with this new cd.

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