Friday, August 5, 2011


We just had an awesome day in the studio with Kevin at Six-Plus-One. We got the track "Forged in the Fire" finished and most of my wife Ashley's song "I Will Not Drown". Both of those tracks are posted on our Facebook Bandpage. "I Will Not Drown" is unfinished (she still has to record her vocal harmonies) but the demo gives you an idea of what to expect from the final track. We plan to be in the studio again (possibly for the last time this album) in October. Cross Covenant is our ministry, and one that each of us takes very seriously. We believe these songs carry an important message to the world about the love of our savior and the need for us as Christians to hold our selves to a higher standard of discipleship. Our prayer for this cd is that God will take our meager efforts and multiply their impact, that He will provide the increase. To accomplish that goal though we need your help. At the moment we lack the funds to finish the cd. We have absolute faith though that the same God who began this work in our lives will see it through to its finish. He is the same incredible God who shaped the planets with His hands and He will shape our future in the same way. We ask that you pray for us. Pray that we listen to and obey God's leading as a band, that we grow closer in our walks with Him as a band and as individuals, that He anoint our songs with His Spirit, and that He reveal to you how you can contribute to this ministry. We will be printing the new "wedding gown" shirts in the coming weeks. If you feel so led, please help us by purchasing a shirt for yourselves and for others who may be moved by the message of the song. Pray as well about whether you may be able to contribute a donation which would be greatly appreciated. We assure you that every penny will be put into studio time and the ministry of the band not into our pockets. God will bless you for your support even if it is just through your prayers which are far more valuable to us than your money.
Lastly I want to thank two people. First, I want to send a huge "thank you" to our friend Kevin Smith for his invaluable help with the recording process. Thank you Kevin for using your talents to build The Kingdom. Lastly I want to thank my wife Ashley for sharing in this adventure. I can think of no greater blessing than to serve my creator with His most glorious creation (at least in this husband's opinion) standing by my side and singing along. God Bless you all and as always thank you for all your support. - Josh

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